We build solar systems that last

We build photovoltaic solar and storage systems that will perform for 30+ years.

We recognize that a solar and storage system is a significant financial investment and an operational commitment. We leverage our 40+ years of solar installation, solar component manufacturing and roof consulting experience to deliver a systems that produces electricity for the long term. 

We design, engineer and construct photovoltaic solar and storage systems with rigorously vetted Tier 1 components:  solar module, inverter, racking.

Our solution includes a financial analysis, a comprehensive roof inspection, roof rehabilitation and structural analysis, monitoring, maintenance and warranty.

We manage the local permitting, the financial incentives and the interconnection with the utility.

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Roofing and Solar Peace of Mind

We assure that the roof is solar-ready for 30+ years of production.

Assurance that the facility's roof can support a solar system is critical. The solar system is dependent on the roof integrity.  The solar system produces electricity for 30+ years, thus it is imperative to have a roof that matches the solar systems life cycle. We perform a comprehensive roof inspection, that includes structural engineering analysis, infrared thermography diagnostics and roof core analysis. We provide roof rehabilitation services to Built up Roofs (BUR), EPDM, Modified Bitumen (MB), TPA, TPO and Metal roofs.

True peace of mind is ensured with an integrated 30 year solar and roof warranty!

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Our Comprehensive Roof analysis & Solar Installation Process.

Comprehensive Roof Inspection
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Non-penetrating Diagnostic using Infrared thermography
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Roof Core Analysis & Diagnostics
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Roof Repair, Rehabilitation or Replacement
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Structural Engineer Stamp
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Install Solar System
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Managed Assets

A solar system is an asset that requires a significant financial investment.  To maximize the return on the investment, it is essential that the solar system optimally operates during its 30+ year life cycle.

Our solar system includes real time monitoring to measure the systems electrical power performance as well as the environmental impact of greenhouse gas avoidance. The data can be shared to your employees, customers, partners and the community via multiplatform: website, PDAs or on-site kiosks.

Proactive, preventive operation and maintenance leads to better, reliable performance. We offer scheduled on-site inspection and maintenance including solar module cleaning, electrical system and inverter checks.

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Financing & Incentives

A solar and storage solution is a significant financial investment. We work with our Customers to develop a customized financing solution to maximize the return on investment. We specify the Federal, State, Local and Utility solar incentives. We identify financing mechanisms such as purchase power agreements and lending partners.

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