Solar + Storage + Roofing

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What does Helios Solar Power do?

Helios Solar Power

Solar + Storage + Roofing

Helios Solar Power builds solar, storage and roofing systems that are designed, engineered and constructed for Commercial, Industrial, K-12, Higher Education and Healthcare facilities in the Midwest. 

We start with a financial analysis that accounts for system electricity production, solar insolation, electricity rates and incentives to warrant that the system meets the Customer's investment requirement.

We follow with a comprehensive roof inspection, that includes a structural engineering analysis and an infrared thermography diagnostic to confirm that the solar system meets the facility's operational standard.

Then, we build the system with Tier 1 modules, inverters and racking components.

We continue with real time monitoring, proactive preventive maintenance and a 30-year solar and roof warranty.

Our systems are built to last.

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Why Helios Solar Power?

We are certain that electricity can be generated in a clean, safe, economical, and sustainable manner. Because solar electricity delivers on each of these dimensions, we believe solar will continue to be a major part of the world’s energy mix.

We bring 40+ years of solar installation, solar component manufacturing and roofing experience.

We build solar systems to deliver power for 30+ years.

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Why Rooftop Solar?

Reduce energy cost & hedge future electricity price uncertainty
Solar systems generate electricity which reduces a facility's utility bill. It is more cost effective to build, finance and operate a solar systems than to purchase power from the utility. The solar system lifecycle is 40+ years offering a long-term hedge against electric price uncertainty.

Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability
Solar concretely demonstrates a commitment to sustainability to employees, customers, partners and the community. Solar creates goodwill to the brand, drives purchasing decisions and increases employee retention. Solar assists  meeting sustainability goals by minimizing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Stay ahead of compliance curve
Federal, state and local governments are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by incentivizing solar and regulating electricity generated by carbon based, fossil-fuels. Solar allows you to proactively plan for these changes.

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