Trusted Solar System Builders
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Core Values

Our core values are part of our DNA and will not be comprised:

- Deliver a stellar customer experience to inspire loyalty
- Act urgently for the long term and make good on what we say
- Relentlessly optimistic
- Driven to deploy carbon footprint reducing solutions

Trusted Solar System Builders

Helios Solar Power is certain that electricity can be generated in a clean, safe, economical and sustainable manner. Because solar electricity delivers on each of these dimensions, we believe solar will continue to be a major part of the world’s energy mix.

Our Customers trust Helios Solar Power to deliver safe, reliable solar and storage systems that are designed, engineered and constructed for Commercial, Industrial, K-12, Higher Education and Health Care facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Our Customers install solar to achieve financial and sustainability goals. Helios Solar Power recognizes that a  solar system is both a significant financial investment and operational commitment.  The solar system must produce electricity for 30 years with limited maintenance in order to maximize the return on investment and to realize the sustainability objective to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

To meet our Customer's expectations, we leverage our 40+ years of solar installation, solar component manufacturing, commercial solar sales and roof consulting experience to construct solar systems that produces electricity for the long term.

Our solution starts with a financial analysis which accounts for the system electricity production, solar insolation, electricity rates and incentives to warrant that the system meets the Customer's investment prerequisites.

We follow with a comprehensive roof inspection, that includes a structural engineering analysis, an infrared thermography diagnostic and a roof core analysis to confirm that the system meets the facility's operational standard.

Then, we build the system with rigorously vetted Tier 1 modules, inverters and racking components. On top of that, we work with top-tier, financially sound, highly qualified solar installers to make sure the job is done right.

We continue with real time monitoring, proactive preventive maintenance and a 30-year solar and roof warranty.
We call the Helios Solar Power process "Solar Peace of Mind".

Our systems are built to last.

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